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1. Laboratory services :

Ranganfar’s laboratory using the equipment and experienced technical staff has success to receive the certificate confirming to competence of laboratories according to the standard requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 approval of the national center of competence (NACI) and now is ready to provide laboratory services to clients for industrial paints.


2. Training :
Since training is the most important part of any organization, the Ranganfar’s training department is also active to reach the following objectives :

  • Increasing levels of technical knowledge and practical skills of workers, Employees and experts through special training courses in internal or external organization according to requirements.
  • Holding the training courses for introduction to industrial paints and its performance and holding the coating inspection courses that will be held in the factory or project’s location according to client’s requirements.
  • Holding professional seminars in the fields of industrial paints and anticorrosion coatings.


3. Before-sale services :

  • Designing the coating systems.
  • Holding the training courses recognition of coating systems and paint.
  • Helping to select the suitable coating system for different environments According to international standards.
  • Reformation of the coating system according to customer’s requirements.
  • Calculating the amount of required paint for any project and Participating in tenders.


4. After-sale services :


  • production of the customer’s order at the shortest time.
  • Holding the training courses for surface preparation and application of industrial paints.
  • coating inspection and performing work shop tests and providing practical coating guidelines to minimize loss of paint during the application.
  • at the end, we are ready to be present on the site upon customer’s request without hesitating.


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