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Ranganfar Industrial Company                     


Hereby we would like to inform you that Ranganfar Co. (P.J.S) who is manufacturing industrial paints is able to supply a portion of various industries` requirements concerning industrial coatings by using proper utilizing of its machineries, equipment, experts, well equipped laboratory and also up-to date technology.


Now please find the brief history of our company as follows:

Ranganfar Co. was established in 1972. The area of the factory is about 6000 square meters and has placed in Malard Shahriyar-Tehran- Iran.


Ranganfar Paints are produced mainly on the basis of resins including Epoxy Polyamide - Epoxy Polyamine - Epoxy Polyamine Adduct - Epoxy Solvent Free–Epoxy for potable water


According to International Standards- Epoxy Glass Flake – Epoxy Flooring  coats- Epoxy Ester - Epoxy phenolic - Alkyd - Amino Alkyd - Alkyd Phenolic – Silicon(200°c - 600°c) – Air drying Acrylic – Baking Coat Acrylic –Acrylic Traffic Coat ( one & two component) -Chlorinated Rubber - Vinyl - Polyurethane - Ethyl silicate primer - Electrodeposition primer - Fire retardant coat - Wash Primer - Primer for wet concrete - synthetic primer type (B) and Epoxy primer Blast Free (BF)  Which are applied for coating of steel structures, machineries, automotive parts, tanks, installations and equipment's of power plants, refineries and dams and also are used as primer of water, gas and oil pipes.


Capacity of the factory production is 5000/MT per year just by one shift and 3 million dollar working capital. Regarding to the production of industrial paints; this company has different certificates from experiment & research centers such as the Center for Energy Research, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry, POGC, Engineering design and supply of spare parts and chemicals Petrochemical Company (SPEC), Research Institute of Industrial paint, FARAB Co, Mahab Ghods Co, Faculty of polymer, Amir Kabir University, Sharif University of Technology, National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company, Nargan Co, National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company.


This company has IMS certificates including ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004 and OHSAS 18001-2007 and HSE (Health, Safety & Environment procedures) and TS 29001 and also ISO 17025 the laboratory accreditation certificate.


The company's laboratory is continuing researches on a variety of new paints which is recently succeeded in producing automobile paint primer (Electrodeposition), fire retardant coating(intumescent) and also Blast Free coating for the first time in Iran which are now mass-produced and used in different industries and projects.


The specialists of the sales engineering unit in addition of skills in marketing and expert on the industrial paints have sufficient knowledge of international standards as well as technical


information on the properties, application and how to implement of the industrial paints.

Provide pre-sales services to customers, including help in designing the right kind of coating system according to the international standards of system reform in paint implementation and also help customers to calculate the correct amount of paint used for the projects or participate in tenders are another tasks of this department.


After-sales service along with the cooperation of technical unit of the laboratory is another task of this unit.

Training center is one of the most important parts of this organization which is pursuing the following objectives:

  • Increasing levels of technical knowledge and practical skills of workers, Employees and experts through special training courses in internal or external organization according to requirements.
  • Holding the training courses for introduction to industrial paints and its performance and holding  the  coating inspection courses that will be held in the factory or project’s location according to client’s requirements.
  • Holding the professional seminars in the fields industrial paint  and anti-corrosion coatings.
  • at the end, we are ready to be present on the site upon  request  without hesitating.                    


Contact Us
       Office: No.4, 4th Bahar St., West Garmsar, South Sheykh Bahaei Ave., Mollasadra | Tehran-Iran
       Factory: No.69, Payeezan Ave,South of Geshlagh Village,Ghodrat Beiglou St.,Malard, Shahriyar-Iran
       Tel: +98 21 88 61 3776           Fax: +98 21 88 61 3775