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Ranganfar Industrial Company                     

Hereby we would like to inform you that Ranganfar Co. (P.J.S) who is manufacturing industrial paints is able to supply a portion of various industries` requirements concerning industrial coatings by using proper utilizing of its machineries, equipment, experts, well equipped laboratory and also up-to date technology.


Now please find the brief history of our company as follows:

Ranganfar Co. was established in 1972. The area of the factory is about 6000 square meters and has placed in Malard Shahriyar-Tehran- Iran.




Latest News
6 November 2017
International Permanent Fairground Ahvaz

International Permanent Fairground Ahvaz .Khuzestan. Iran

2-5  NOV  2017     9am - 5 pm   2017

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Laboratory Services

RANGANFAR laboratory services
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Online Order
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       Office: No.4, 4th Bahar St., West Garmsar, South Sheykh Bahaei Ave., Mollasadra | Tehran-Iran
       Factory: South og Gheshlagh Village, Malard Villa | Shahriyar-Iran
       Tel: +98 21 88 61 3776           Fax: +98 21 88 61 3775